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Cheap Real Jordans, Authentic Cheap Jordans Online Store.

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Cheap Jordans is the newest American trapeze Nike sneakers launch day, in order to grab one pair of the newest Cheap Jordans, customers crazy toward the major shopping malls, and the scene out of control "Black Friday" buying frenzy in more reproducible. It was shot, it was a fight, police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd and arrested more than ten people.

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Cheap Real Jordans of the United States mall entrance, there was a similar after Thanksgiving "Black Friday" rush scenes. Many people braved the bitter cold in the morning three or four low long queues, waiting for the shoe store to open the door. In the San Francisco Bay Area, thousands of people waiting from 4:00 to 6:00 on sale at Ricky outside Richmond City Hilltop Shopping Center. In the near-zero low temperatures, people constantly complain about ill-shop arrangement, whereby the occurrence of crowding and pushing throw into confusion, leading to multiple police came to maintain order. About nearly 7:00, someone in the crowd opened fire, fortunately without casualties, two men were arrested immediately. Police expelled disorderly crowd, Cheap Jordans store sales also canceled the intention to open the door, about 9:30 or so, there are hundreds of people waiting at the door accumulate.

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Cheap Jordan Shoes shopping mall near Sacramento, California state government, the customer lost patience waiting for a long time struggling to break through the closed door, so they rush pushed the door shoe store, only to find no one to open the door. Shoe store employees worry scenes out of control, take the door is wonderful. It is reported that seven Cheap Jordan Shoes stores this shopping center within a total of only 180 pairs trapeze sold. More than a thousand unsuspecting customers scrambling on the floor behind them, pushed lost hats, shoes and scarves everywhere. Seattle, a shopping center, police had to use pepper spray to drive each other to pull fight brawl customers, arrested several people. Police said the smell of marijuana at the scene and bottles. Split in Georgia, Virginia, police dispatched a patrol of Cheap Real Jordans about 20 combat readiness, finally arrested four people, including a woman, her two young children left alone in the car to go shopping, the police broke the window glass and rescued her child.

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Cheap Jordans Online of senior sports shoes, because Jordan was named to the NBA star and worth the extraordinary, the Internet was bid up to $ 500. For buying from national riots, headquartered in Cheap Jordans Online, Nike did not comment. Local television reported that the trapeze sneakers for the first time since its 1985 launch, the occurrence of similar scenes many times, there have been fatal shooting incident

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